Klargester BioFicient Top brink

Top tanks for the Top Brink: Klargester BioFicient

Location: Todmorden, West Yorkshire


High footfall

Background information:

Top Brink Inn, a family-owned pub, nestled underneath the iconic Stoodley Pike is a popular dining destination for locals, walkers, bike riders, horse riders and people seeking outdoor activities. Due to its location, reputation for good food and drink, footfall is on the increase.

With this high demand, the existing septic tank was put under immense strain, urgently requiring an upgrade and the employment of the latest technology.


S&S Site Services aware of this situation surveyed the current site and working closely with the owners and the installation team installed a new sewage treatment plant. Moving the plant down the hill to incorporate the existing tank and creating a more efficient gravity fed system.

Plant Selection

Klargester BioFicient Commercial Sewage Treatment Plant.

The Klargester BioFicient commercial sewage treatment plant employs a plug flow combination of aerobic and anoxic processes in a fluidised bed arrangement. This operates in conjunction with an advanced system of air diffusers and selected media to deliver optimum levels of purification.

Ongoing maintenance and care.

Routine maintenance and desludging is undertaken by our own engineers in accordance with the manufactures recommendations with quarterly visits ensuring optimum performance.

The individual chambers of the Klargetser BioFicient Commercial product, have large dedicated manholes to allow quick and easy maintenance access. Servicing is also simplified as BioFicient’s flow control makes it unnecessary to empty the biozones, as is the case with other designs of treatment plant.

As a result, the biozones immediately resume operation following servicing, whilst the influent level is restored. As a result there is no loss of plant performance during periodic maintenance.

The S&S site services Standard Package ensures the site is fully operational at all times with minimum downtime should a fault occur.

Klargester BioFicient

BioFicient Commercial

Top Brink - Klargester BioFicient