Wastewater treatment plant repairs

S&S Site Services has a highly skilled team of engineers who can repair faults on all types of wastewater system, including septic tanks, pump stations and sewage treatment plants.


Our service engineers carry an extensive stock of spare parts for all kinds of equipment, so we can fix your system quickly and efficiently when we come to do services or breakdown call-outs.


Not sure if your sewage system needs repairs? Look out for the following signs:


  • Tank filling up more quickly than usual
  • Bad smells or strange noises coming from the system
  • The sudden appearance of wet areas on the ground near the plant


Our engineers will conduct a thorough inspection of your sewage treatment plant, septic tank or pump station and advise on the most effective way to fix any problems.


We always recommend regular maintenance and servicing of your wastewater system, as this can prevent issues occurring later on.

Wastewater plant upgrades

Upgrading your wastewater system can improve efficiency, be kinder to the environment and save you money. We upgrade septic tanks to full sewage treatment plants, as well as upgrading existing treatment plants to newer models to be more efficient.

Why upgrade your wastewater system?

  • Old equipment – if the technology or equipment is outdated, it may be time to upgrade to a new, more efficient system which costs less to run and requires less maintenance
  • Increased use – often, a site outgrows its existing wastewater treatment plant, leaving the system overloaded and inefficient
  • Environmental reasons – older systems can cost more to run and produce more air pollution than a newer, more efficient model
  • Switch system – upgrading an older system to a modern sewage treatment plant can save money, reduce running costs and require less maintenance, as well as producing cleaner effluent which can be discharged directly into watercourses

Emptying and desludging

All sewage treatment plants, cesspools, pump stations and septic tanks require emptying so they can continue to function and treating water effectively. Sludge is the term used for solids that build up within a wastewater system. Most systems require annual emptying and desludging to perform effectively, but some older or larger systems may need more regular maintenance.


S&S Site Services’ skilled engineers attend more than 2,000 sites a year to carry out services, repairs and maintenance, including emptying and desludging all types of wastewater systems.

We offer two levels of maintenance packages to suit different sizes and types of systems, so speak to us to find out the best care package for your needs.


Alternatively, you can book a non-contract emptying or desludging of your septic tank, cesspool, pump station or sewage treatment plant.

Sewage plant commissioning visits

Sewage plant tenders

A commission visit is essential to ensure a sewage treatment plant has been installed correctly and is functioning well. During a commission visit, one of our service engineers will carry out a full inspection of the system and check for the following:


• Equipment functionality • Electrical and mechanical functionality
• Assembly • Efficiency


The service engineer will test your wastewater system fully to make sure it’s operating safely and effectively. Commission visits must be carried out on all sewage treatment plants to be fully compliant with Environment Agency standards and site regulations.

We work with many local authorities, developers and large organisations, so we regularly complete tenders for specific developments and projects.


As we provide all sewage treatment services in-house, including supply, installation and maintenance, we can offer a complete package at competitive rates for projects of all types.


From maintenance contracts up to full design, installation and aftercare, we would love to become your preferred partner for all of your wastewater needs.

Wastewater project management

We offer a complete solution for all your wastewater needs, and this includes a full project management solution to see the job through from initial contact to installation and aftercare.


Our team will design, plan, specify and carry out all works on-site, and our office team will keep you updated at every stage of the project.


Providing a full maintenance package to ensure your sewage treatment plant, pump station, or septic tank operates at maximum functionality at all times, we will perform all services, repairs and emptying required.


From upgrades and conversions to full management of new projects, our experienced team will deliver a cost-effective, quality-compliant and highly efficient solution to your wastewater needs.


We are confident in ensuring we deliver a service that lives up to expectation and strive to provide a successful and on-going relationship with all our clients.